HomeRentals.net, a division of RealEIS, LLC, is dedicated to providing online solutions that help residential property managers become more profitable with less effort.

Company History

Founded in 1997 by a small group of property managers and technologists, HomeRentals.net saw an opportunity to use the Internet to market rental listings and professional management services. As the reliability, functionality, and use of the Internet increased, so did the product and service offerings of HomeRentals.net.

HomeRentals.net has focused like a laser on the professionals who manage single-family and small residential properties. This market was underserved by technology, and has been overlooked by many. HomeRentals.net changed all that.

With 1 in 25 professionally managed rental homes in America managed by a HomeRentals.net member, the company has proven its ability to provide what property managers are looking for. Our model ushers in a new era of efficiency and cost savings to professional residential managers.

Services Provided

HomeRentals.net provides professional property managers with three systems focusing on the essential needs of a property management office: marketing vacancies to residents, marketing services to owners/investors, and managing business operations and communications. Each system can stand alone or be combined for an integrated Internet Success Solution.

Our secondary market consists of associations, groups, relocation companies, and rental search companies. The solutions provided to these organizations include rentals MLS's and customized rental search systems.

Our tertiary market consists of other companies who provide services to property managers. HomeRentals.net provides a path for these companies to reach thousands of property managers with their product and/or service offering.

Significant National Partners

HomeRentals.net has forged a joint venture partnership with Promas software, the first such relationship in the industry. This partnership allows for integration between the Internet and a highly trusted, highly functional Windows based accounting and management package. Because of this relationship, property managers can stick with a tried and true property management software package while tapping into the Internet to deliver financial statements, notices, documents, and feedback.

Significant National Memberships

HomeRentals.net is a member of NARPM. We are proud to have been chosen the first ever NARPM affiliate company of the year, and the only company to ever be selected twice. We were bestowed with the same honor by FARPM. We are also affiliate members of most local NARPM chapters throughout the country.

More Information

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